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Mar 6, 2013 4:00am PST
they turned on the lights for a massive public art installation that illuminates the san francisco oakland bay bridge. john blackstone spoke with the artist. >> reporter: the lights moving poetically across a two-mile span across the oakland bay bridge are the creation of artist nathan villarreal. on his laptop he put the latest touches that transforms the bridge into a light sculpture. >> this is a unique opportunity. 50 million people will see this over two years. it's something anyone can see and engage with. >> reporter: electricians spent four months in the wind and the cold installing 25,000 l.e.d. lights, each individually programmed to a fiberoptic network. villarreal then began sculptoring the light into patterns he says will never look exactly the same. it changes constantly. how do you do that? >> well, using software. there are sequences which will be displayed in random order in random amount of time. some may recognize the same passage but never in the same order or at the same time. all the motion factors into my creation. water, birds, it's abstract
Mar 25, 2013 4:00am PDT
are in custody after a wild high speed chase in oakland. officers say it may be connected to a drive by shooting that injured an innocent bystander. tara moriarty is in hayward this morning. >> reporter: police say this is where it all began where a drive by shooting happened yesterday afternoon. it wasn't until hours later that authorities chased down the suspect. police tried to pull the driver over in hayward just after 11:00 for reckless driving but he sped off. the car spun out of control on 580 between harrison and park and police cars smashed into it to box the driver in and arrest him. people in the car were throwing things out on to the roadway during the chase. they never found those objects but officers did find weapons inside when the vehicle was finally stopped and three people were taken into custody. authorities say those three may be involved in an earlier drive- by shooting. >> there was an earlier incident that involved a shooting from a vehicle. right now we are determining if this vehicle was involved in that. >> reporter: now
Mar 29, 2013 4:00am PDT
this morning at children's hospital in oakland. one-year-old elijah was in the arms of his grandparents yesterday afternoon at the family apartment in richmond. the gunman fired more than a dozen shots at a bicyclist on the street. bullets shattered car windows and pierced the walls of some homes. and a bullet fragment hit the child in the neck. he did under go surgery and could go home in a day or two. >> my son department do nothing to nobody. i go to work and come home. it's not my fault i live in a certain area. >> reportedly the family was invited to stay at a local hotel last night. the bicyclist was grazed in the leg and is expected to recover. >>> also this morning police are investigating whether alcohol was a factor in a richmond collision that injured seven people. police say the driver of a chevy camaro collided with a pickup truck at around 7:20 last night on staggey avenue. two people were injured along with the man in the truck. four people are injured but expected to survive. >>
Mar 13, 2013 4:00am PDT
the vans are full. where are you moving to? south oakland, down on long street. how many people are helping you move? there are five of us here. if we leave, i'm afraid that he'll break into the apartment. man #2: they all don't got to go to your other house. we could help move your stuff. some of your people could stay here and watch your property while y'all take the vans, unload, and come back. we trying to get that stuff out of there. we've waited too long. you people been standing around. i am sorry, i really do not want their assistance. then go upstairs and move your stuff out on the street while we are here right now. man #1: we can't get in touch with him. you have three hours. it will be 12:00 anyway... we'll be done... which will be the next day. if you're supposed... we'll be out at 12:00. these gentlemen are anxious to get into their apartment. go move your stuff out. okay, fine. will you stay until someone comes back? germany: no. you're leaving somebody here... to watch your stuff. they're taking them two vans out of here. two of their people will stay here and keep moving
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4